▪ Position Description
▪ Position Requisites
▪ Position Responsibilities
▪ Compensation Terms
▪ Employment Terms
▪ Termination Terms

Position Description:
The Sales Coordinator/Recruiter’s Mission is to build a NEW active, engaged, and successful sales team of ten (10) or more salespeople by continually recruiting and assisting/coordinating/training of the new, potential sales candidates.
The Sales Coordinator/Recruiter does this by continually placing ads, interviewing, scheduling group interviews, and orientations, and enrolling the best Sales Associates in the SVG U Virtual Training Platform.
Position Requisites:
The SC/SR position requires the following knowledge, experience, and skills:
Positive Mental Attitude
Desire to help others succeed
Position Responsibilities:
The SC/SR position comes with the following responsibilities:
1. Maintain optimal level of positivity and education in the office. PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) at all times.
2. Be the go-to admin person for all new salespeople, assisting the Sales Manager (SM) and Field Trainer (FT) in getting the new salespeople trained, and retained into the Company. Placing ads, scheduling interviews, and lining new guys up for Phase 1 Sales Training, currently in the state of Texas, but could be mobilized anywhere in the Country, once trained in at the main office.
3. Goal is to constantly be guiding the hiring process for experienced and non-experienced sales staff to achieve a team of 10 sales reps at each office location.
4. Identify and learn new ways for the best sales recruiting and hiring places to advertise for Sales and Marketing help.
5. Conduct phone and face/face interviews – and book new sales reps into group interviews and Phase 1 Sales Orientation/Training.
6. Report directly to and work closely with Matt Dravis. Work hand in hand with the Salespeople and Field Trainers, Sales Managers, etc. as a single unit.
7. Increase revenues through the building and creation of large and dynamic sales teams.
8. Track and manage the Sales Teams activity via reports. Create and Monitor the National Sales Report. Keep attrition of Sales personnel low by keeping their activity high. Know their activity in terms of inspections, signed deals, adjustments while working in the office. When you depart that office that duty will be directed to the Sales Manager.
9. In addition to all the above, we would like you to spend a few days per month working in the field with other reps during your first 30 days. We want you to experience cold calling, canvassing, and learning how to generate free property inspections, pitching our marketing literature, and signing contingency agreements with customers, as this is the most basic core business function that generates revenue growth for the Company.
This will also make you a better Sales Recruiter/Coordinator down the road.
Additional Responsibilities of the SC/SR:
1. Dedicate a majority of your workday placing and updating sales ads, conducting new sales interviews, and filling up our bi-monthly Phase I Sales Training Orientation on Fridays with new potential candidates until we have reached an effective team of 10 new salespeople actively turning in jobs.
2. Prepare for the bi-monthly (twice a month) for a Phase 1 Sales Orientation and Training by making sure all training materials are available and a class of no less than 4-6 candidates is present.
3. Be a constant source of help and information to the sales team. Helping them with such things as being a liaison with accounting, pay requests to get paid, production, or administrative things like business card orders, office procedures, how to turn in a proper job file, and even assisting reps in following up on leads, telemarketing appointments and helping reps manage their sales pipeline.
4. Keep the Field Trainer’s training and coordinate with the sales team. Help monitor the performance of Field Trainers. KEEP THEM ORGANIZED and EFFICIENT. Keep attrition low.
5. Recruit and hire a small team of effective MA (Marketing Assistants) otherwise known as Canvassers.
6. Assist in helping to schedule and coordinate company events, parties, promos, sales contests, sales meetings, etc.
7. Be constantly advertised (for sales) in multiple locations such as Roofers Exchange, Craigslist, Career Builder, Zip Recruiter, etc.
8. Hire no less than 10 new Sales Staff who are turning in jobs within 90 days of your start date.
9. On occasion, be prepared to go to the field on sales calls, insurance adjustments and Color selects with Field Trainer (FT) and/or new salespeople to help keep you fresh, educated, and trained in our business.
10. Be prepared to wear many and any hats as it relates to the assistance, training, and development of our sales team. But we want most of your focus on the building and creation of the team itself.
11. After the sales team has reached acceptable staffing and performance levels, there may be an opportunity to also learn the basic A.R. functions of the office, scanning deposits, and final collections. Releasing monies from the insurance company using a certificate of completion form, supplements, change orders, and final billings to customers.
12. Other duties as assigned.
Depending on how big we scale, we may have to hire an additional person for this job/task.
Compensation Terms
The SC/SR position is compensated as follows:
1. DOQ, if not working 40 hours per week. You will be paid for the hours you work.
2. Due to bonuses and commissions, there is a 40-hour work-week cap on salary. It would be expected that you work longer as you have the ability to make unlimited income.
3. $100 Headhunter Fee/per salesperson you recruit and hire. $500 paid on the first five jobs turned in by any of the new Sales Associates you recruit and hire. This means a proper job file has been turned in and accepted by Production.
4. Cell phone reimbursement of $25 a month.
5. If travel is required far from your home base to other locations and/or clients. Company will take care of travel expenses and corporate housing, etc.
Hiring Terms
The SC/SR position carries the following terms of employment:
1. For the first ninety (90) days of employment, you will be paid as an independent contractor.
2. After ninety (90) days, a review will be conducted to determine your full-time employment eligibility.
3. Please read and sign our Standard Independent Contractor Agreement and consider its rules and policies as a part of this Agreement.
Termination Terms
The SC/SR position carries the following termination terms:
1. In a case where a tenet of our contract agreement was violated then you would be terminated and compensation and distributions would cease together upon the day of termination.
2. If you are let go for any reason or depart the company you would be paid up until your last day of work, but any and all bonuses, perks, etc. would be immediately terminated.