Roof Redecking in Galveston Texas. 

What’s going on, we are back out here in Galveston, Texas about to run over to Dickinson and see how the job is going down there, and from what I’ve been told the tear-off on that job is complete and the re-deck is about 75% done.

As you can hear in the background here, we are still working on this redecking in Galveston, Texas and we got a long way to go on this one. This one was pretty bad, as I told you this morning we had five layers to take off, and now we’ve got new decking down on about 25% of the home.

The back half is going up right now and then we’ve got, I guess the middle half because we still got the back half after that. And then we got some other things we’re doing on this one. We’re adding onto the porch a little bit to have a covered porch, instead of a polycarbonate roof, this is going to actually be part of the roof so we’ll see how that goes.

It looks like it’ll be pretty easy already got the gutters and face off so we can stab into it and continue everything on. Build the structure so that everything went code compliant and put back together here.

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It has been an exhausting crazy day I’m ready to go home and sit down for a little bit but, according to my watch here, we still have like six hours of work to do so we’ll be here awhile.

If you guys need anything, a roofing contractor in the city of Galveston, or if you are near and you see us rolling around here stop by to say hi. Give me some water, or Gatorade, I prefer Gatorade but I should be having more water.

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So I hope you guys are having a great weekend, and when I’m allowed to get up there on the roof and take some pictures I will. Right now, the crew kicked me off because I was kind of just getting in the way. Not a day for me to swing Hammers or sling shingles. After a little while, they’re like; “hey man you’re just in the way taking pictures, take your pictures when we’re done” get out of our way.

They do all the hard work so I respect them, when they asked me to leave, I got off the roof came down here to make the video.

We’re about to go over to Dickinson, Texas. I will shoot you some photos of that one! You have a good one see you.